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As a CAREing critical thinker I:

1. Care that my beliefs are true and decisions justified.

That means I:

  • Seek truth and am inquisitive and well informed.
  • Endorse a position only to the extent that it is justified by the information available.
  • Seek and am open to alternative ideas, plans, explanations, sources, hypotheses and conclusions.
  • Consider the viewpoint of others.

2. Care to present a position honestly.

That means I:

  • Establish, reflect on and affirm my own basic beliefs.
  • Persevere in setting and accomplishing goals.
  • Take into account the total situation and its context.
  • Determine and maintain focus on the question, the solution or the conclusion.
  • Seek and share solid reasons.
  • Clearly communicate intended meanings with as much precision as the situation requires. (Spoken and written)

3. Care about the dignity and worth of others

That means I:

  • Value and protect the welfare of others.
  • Take into account the level of understanding of others.
  • Take into account the feelings of others.
  • Discover and listen to the views and reasons of others.

CAREing Critical Thinker Handout and Worksheet


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