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This blog is about critical thinking and the development of instructional technology.

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  1. kristine davis

    Teachers are using twitter as a way of communicating better with the students. Teachers are able to give updates on classroom assignments, tests and upcoming events and tutors available if the students need it.
    The students have responded positively to using this technology resource in the classroom. They have shared comments about better enteractment with their classmates and their grades have improved!
    I am still very skeptical about the use of too much technology use in the classroom and in life on a daily basis. I feel it cuts down personnel communication that God desires for His people to have. “Real” communication is developing relationships on a one to one basis. I just think we should be careful and balance out the amount of time we are using these devices. We should continue to use our minds to solve problems and be active in the world and not let the computer rule us. We can use the computer as a source of information but not let it rule our lives.


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