Doctor of Education, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale FL; 
Concentration: Instructional Technology and Distance Education

Director of Online Learning & Educational Technology (1/07-present),
Associate Professor, Educational Technology, Southern Adventist University



Example of a quick and fast web page using Smores.


Professional Development for the NOW Generation

The Adventists Educational Companion Guide

Leadership Pencil Metaphor

Stop Motion Example

Stop Motion - In the Temple

Stress Video

After Effects used to create the animated text


ABCs of DE

For this project I used building blocks as the metaphor for a course I am currently writing on distance learning.  The link will take you to the template I will use for the course content. I use Modx for most of our module design. I worked with a graphic design student to create the images, an animation student to build the drop ins, and a web design student to do the coding.  I can now, quite easily, drop my content in as I develop it.

Dino Project

For this project I partnered with a number of professors and students to create a museum type learning experience where we built the entire interface, graphics, and game elements.  We also compiled and edited the video segments.

Myles Kettleson

Example of video work, capture and editing.

Ocean Depth and Animal Life

This is a simple animation  for use with Blippar (AR) for a 4th grade lesson.

Great Explorations Timeline

This is a simple timeline for a 7th grade unit on dinosaurs.

Water Interactive

This is a mini module that I designed for a Physical Ed. Professor for his blended learning course.

Real Numbers

In this interactive I used Flash to show how numbers are classified in subsets for 6th graders.














Dakota Teachers



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Combining and extending the work by Robert Ennis (critical thinking), Garrison, Anderson and Archer (Community of Inquiry) and Kolb (experiential learning), my CARE model  provides a tool for instructors in planning instruction as well as an active learning tool for students to use during instruction and while reflecting upon instruction.